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Proteins work as a team. So does Waters and their customers.

Many top minds believe that proteins don’t perform their functions individually, but rather in teams. Understanding the structure of those teams and how they function could very well be the key to finding new ways of treating disease. In a quest for that understanding are the researchers at the University of Michigan.

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For years, Waters has been an important teammate in their proteomic work, both through its equipment and its counsel. Helping the scientists understand how proteins function is the Waters SYNAPT HDMS System with its unique ion mobility separation, which allows researchers to see the incredibly small ion currents associated with protein complexes.

The teamwork between Waters and the University of Michigan is just one example of the type of group effort that will eventually lead to a better understanding of protein structure and assembly function. If you can control function, you can manipulate behavior and that puts us all one giant step closer to curing disease.

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