UHPLC Columns

Our focused selection of UHPLC columns highlight the performance advantages modern UHPLC instrumentation. Limiting your column choices limits your ability to fully develop the potential of your analytical laboratory. Waters’ CORTECS and eXtended Performace (XP) Ultra-High Performance LC columns and sorbents provide capability that will surpass your current and future analytical challenges.

CORTECS UHPLC Developed specifically to deliver complementary performance and compatibility with low dispersion UHPLC instrumentation.
XBridge BEH XP Columns With a selection of 10 general purpose and application specific sorbents the versatility extends the performance for any LC system.
XSelect HSS and CSH XP Columns With 2 base particles and optimized ligand-bonding and endcapping the XSelect family of UHPLC columns provides the most diverse range of retention characteristics for modern chromatographic sorbents.
VanGuard Column Protection VanGuard Pre-columns and Cartridges are optimized to protect and prolong analytical column lifetimes without compromising chromatographic performance.