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XTerra Column Efficiency Test - Time Reduction

Waters Corporation is implementing a Sustainability Program which is comprised of an inventory of policies and practices designed to ensure that our company, our customers, our employees, and our communities all have a sustainable future.  As part of this objective, Waters has changed the column testing conditions for many of our XTerra Column Part Numbers. This change reduces the risk of our dependency on Acetonitrile by reducing the amount of mobile phase required to complete each individual column efficiency test. Solvent reduction used in column efficiency testing for a select number of longer analytical XTerra columns is estimated at 40%.

Although we have changed the column testing conditions, the SOPs and manufacturing processes to pack columns and to manufacture the bulk materials that are packed into the columns have not been changed thus remain the same.  Furthermore, all the required technical work and equivalency studies, as mandated by our Management of Change Process, have been conducted and finalized to ensure that there will be no change in column performance in the hands of customers.

HPLC Column Statistical Efficiency Testing

As part of a Corporate Sustainability Initiative, Waters is continually improving and adopting statistical efficiency testing for high volume HPLC columns for the reduction of solvent consumption. Following a statistical plan more stringent and thorough than the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 Standard (American National Standard Institute – Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes), combined with historical process data and customer input, Waters has implemented a sampling and testing protocol that delivers continued quality assurance for customers while achieving sustainability goals.

For selected high volume Symmetry, SunFire, and XTerra HPLC columns, statistical testing and data reporting are applied to individual lots of packed columns. Individual column test chromatograms capture lot means for efficiency, USP tailing, back pressure and retention time of Acenaphthene. The SOPs and chemical processes used to manufacture the bulk materials and pack the columns have not been changed.