Regis Technologies

How to go green, make a lot of green, and leave the competition green with envy.

Regis Technologies of Morton Grove, Ill., USA, is a contract manufacturer for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies whose unique specialty is SFC separations performed under GMP using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) from Waters.

SFC is similar to liquid chromatography but with one big difference. It utilizes carbon dioxide instead of solvents. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it offers both cost- and time-efficiencies without sacrificing purity.

In fact, Regis technicians routinely use this green method of chromatography from Waters to handle the most delicate procedures, such as impurity collections down to one-tenth-of-one-percent impurity for toxicology studies. The ability to pull such miniscule fractions is critical to success.

Not long ago, a biotech client working on a cancer drug urgently needed more pure material in order to continue clinical trials at a larger dosage. With the SFC equipment already fully optimized, Regis gave the green light to manufacturing 24/7 for 34 days straight.

They not only completed the project successfully, they finished one week early.

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