Pharmaron Beijing Limited Co.

A growth spurt even a seven-footer would envy.

Four years ago Pharmaron of Beijing, China had 20 employees. Today it has 600.

To a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that works with pharmaceutical clients around the world, a key factor in the company’s explosive growth has been their speed, consistently able to deliver high quality results within client timelines.

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Speed that starts with equipment from Waters. A good example is the ACQUITY UPLC. It used to take the purification group more than 20 minutes to develop a method. With UPLC it’s down to two minutes, cutting a significant amount of time off every separation project. It’s the same story for final purity check, where UPLC/MS slices time off the process in turn boosting efficiency. Because of Waters reliability, analysts no longer need to stay late in the lab, letting the instruments do the work overnight and then gathering the results the next morning.

The equipment has proven so easy to operate, so reliable, so efficient, and such a boom to productivity that whenever there is a request for new instruments, the chemists are quick to recommend Waters.

Considering their exponential growth rate, who can blame them?

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