LC Upgrades

Waters provides you with a range of LC instrument upgrades that give you access to the latest technologies. Upgrades improve your instrument’s control and data acquisition functions, increase its productivity, and extend its lifetime.  To find out about the full range of LC upgrades available, please use the upgrade selector below:

ACQUITY UPLC BSM Pump Heads Conversion ACQUITY UPLC BSM Pump Heads Conversion Implement the latest pump head technology onto your ACQUITY UPLC BSM and take advantage of the stainless steel pump head advancements and the inherent robustness that comes along with this unique technology.
ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater Upgrade Enhance the capability of your current ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater 65°C temperature to 90°C temperature allowing for faster separations with accurate and efficient temperature control of your columns.
2707 Autosampler Waters 2707 Autosampler Cooler Upgrade Enhance the stability of your samples and achieve consistent results by upgrading your 2707 Autosampler with a Cooler Module.
Breeze 2 HPLC Breeze 2 HPLC System Upgrade Program Enhance the capabilities of your Breeze HPLC System by upgrading to Breeze™ 2 Software which offers greater method flexibility and keeps your laboratory compatible with new developments in HPLC detectors for all your future analytical requirements.
Intelligent Intake Valve Enhancement Program for the ACQUITY UPLC Binary Solvent Manager Enhance the capabilities of your current ACQUITY UPLC System by taking advantage of the benefits offered by the installation of the Intelligent Intake Valve. Special limited-time offer: 20% off standard upgrade list price, free installation.
ACQUITY UPLC System Hexane/Tetrahydrofuran Upgrade Kits Designed for ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPLC H-Class, and ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio Systems to tolerate pure Hexane and THF, allowing a wider range of applications to be adapted to UPLC technology, increasing productivity, and ensuring quality results.
Alliance 2695 Separations Module Alliance HPLC System Ethernet Conversion Program Enhance the capabilities of your Alliance® HPLC System Separations Modules with Ethernet capability for a robust and reliable instrument control solution. Plan customers receive up to 20% off the upgrade list price and FREE installation.
Alliance 2690/2690D Separations Module Upgrade Enhance the capabilities of your Waters Alliance 2690/2690D Separations Module and take advantage of the significant improvements in performance, reliability, and uptime by upgrading. Plan customers: save up to 20% off the standard upgrade list price.
717plus Heater/Cooler Module 717plus Autosampler Heater/Cooler Module The module allows you to work with a wide variety of samples, from heat-labile biological samples to viscous polymer samples, with exceptional precision and reliability.
Waters 717 Autosampler Upgrade Program Boost performance and extend the maximum lifetime of your 717 Autosampler by upgrading to a 717plus Autosampler.