Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange with Mass Spec (HDX MS)

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For higher order structure studies, hydrogen deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry – alternatively referred to as H/D exchange, HDX, or HXMS – has become indispensable for biotech companies.

Recent innovations in LC/MS, automation, and informatics technologies have converted HDX MS from a complex academic exercise to a robust tool for discovery and development of protein drugs.

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What is MSE?

MSE is the ultimate technology for comprehensive, reproducible profiling and characterization.
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Article reprint

"Analytical tools for characterizing biopharmaceuticals and the implications for biosimilars" by HDX thought leaders Steven Berkowitz and John Engen.
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Center of Innovation

Professor John Engen at Northeastern University is a pioneer in the use of hydrogen deuterium exchange and ion mobility mass spectrometry, HDX MS.
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Rachel Garlish of UCB discusses how Waters's HDX solution gives her insights to the molecules she's investigating - and fast answers.
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