Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

How Dr. Reddy’s gets ready for market.

As a generic drug maker, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in India must develop new products that are safe, pure, and efficacious. They also need to get those drugs to market quickly. That’s a lot to get ready for. Fortunately, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories faces this ongoing challenge with the confidence that comes with owning ACQUITY UPLC systems from Waters.

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By eliminating significant time and cost per sample from the analytical process while actually improving the quality of the results, ACQUITY UPLC has significantly changed Dr. Reddy’s to-market process. Their QC scientists have found UPLC technology, which has been universally adopted, to be a highly robust, dependable, and reproducible system, due in large part to the patented sub-2-μm hybrid particle chemistry. It’s not just analytical time but processing time that has been saved. And that is how Dr. Reddy’s gets products ready for market.


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