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At Waters, the science of what’s possible comes to life. So can your career.

At Waters you’ll find intelligent, passionate, team-focused, and results-oriented professionals who work in concert to perpetuate success.

We strive to create a workplace culture that encourages and facilitates inclusion, participation, respect, that rewards high performers, and operates within the framework of strong values and ethics.

We approach each day with a passion for uncovering innovative solutions, understanding that doing so results in meaningful impact for ourselves, our colleagues , our shareholders, and our customers.

If you want your career to come to life… come to Waters.

"Being a scientist within a business market development part of the organization, I have the privilege and freedom to explore the latest and most advanced technology, and play a role in incorporating my scientific results into marketing activities, ultimately influencing the business development. That is very unique." - Kate, Principal Scientist, Milford, MA

"Working at Waters has been the most rewarding experience for me simply because each day I am challenged to learn something new. The potential for continuous self-improvement and continuous education at Waters is immense. There has not been a day pass where I haven’t learned or been exposed to something new relating to the mechanical engineering, machining, chemistry, electronics, or software. This has made my time at Waters incredibly interesting." - Kara, Mechanical Engineer, Milford, MA

"A company like Waters is at the forefront of introducing laboratory technology into scientific laboratories and it is exciting to be part of that. The exposure to new technologies and to see customers using the technology in exciting ways means that I’m always learning something new and that’s something I enjoy." - Chris, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Informatics, Milford, MA