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What's fast, frugal, and green all over?

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC), now available from Waters, marks a new era in the greening of chromatography. SFC utilizes carbon dioxide instead of solvents. It is beautifully eco-friendly with no sacrifice in quality.

In fact, ahead-of-the-curve contract laboratories like Averica Discovery Services, a contract research organization (CRO) with specialized expertise in small molecule analysis and purification based in Worcester, MA, USA, have found SFC to be an ideal way of conducting chiral separations. Averica works with multiple pharmaceutical companies, helping them purify plant extracts that may eventually be developed into new drugs. Their chromatographers rave over the way SFC enables them to grab a small component from a highly complex mixture and examine it in isolation for activity.

What is the future for this environmentally friendly, cost-effective, quick working, and high quality method of separation and analytical science?

With the firm commitment of Waters along with its range of purification solutions, laboratories across multiple industries can look forward to an expanded range of broad-based chromatography applications that will be fast, frugal, and green all over.

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