Polar Pesticide Analysis

Analyze Ionic Polar Pesticides in Food Without the Need to Derivatize

Pesticides are applied to much of our food, before and after harvest, to protect from infestation.  Glyphosate is among these.  Acting against plant diseases and as a desiccant during storage to speed up the maturation process, it can be applied at various stages of the growing lifetime, including pre-planting, prior to the new crop emergence and post harvest.  It continues to be the most widely used and debated herbicide.  Most commonly applied to grains, cereals and citrus fruits, commodity specific maximum residue levels (MRLs) are enforced.

Due to the zwitterionic property and highly polar nature, the challenges of glyphosate analysis are renowned. Waters continues to investigate and develop LC-MS/MS methods for the underivatised analysis of glyphosate and other ionic pesticides.

Discover what we’ve learned to date, and follow us as we report our latest work.

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