Waters Service Sales Team - Northern Europe

Waters Service Sales team has in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the advanced science and technologies that provide the foundation for Waters systems. This knowledge enables us to protect and enhance the value of your investment in Waters high performance instruments.

The Waters Service Sales Team can help you choose the right Support Plan for your organisation and help you:

  • Increase laboratory productivity
  • Maintain peak performance
  • Accelerate throughput
  • Speed-time-to-market
  • Meet stringent compliance requirements
  • Control costs

The Waters Service Sales Team can also help you determine if resources are being deployed effectively to meet the needs of the business and how to change that deployment as needs change.

  • Laboratory Analytics  - We can offer a range of laboratory analytics tools and services for Empower Chromatography Software users that help maximize laboratory resources for increased productivity and cost savings
  • Support Plans - Every day our customers make profound scientific discoveries in areas that once seemed unimaginable. They set high goals, including minimizing risk in the successful operation of their laboratories. Underpinning their successes are Waters Services and Support programs. Waters offers a range of service plans that meets your needs and provides lowest cost-of-ownership.
  • Compliance Services - Compliance Services are available to assist customers using UPLC®, HPLC, GC, GC/MS, and LC/MS Systems in regulated environments. We provide a comprehensive approach that customers can deploy globally which focuses on ensuring the integrity, accuracy and authenticity of their laboratory results.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality compliance services which offers significant time savings to our customers.
  • Education - Waters Educational Services is the leading training organization empowering scientists to maximize their skills in UPLC, HPLC, LC/MS, and Data Management.

Contact your regional Service Sales Manager


Davy Bradley

Service Sales Specialist Scotland & Northern Ireland, (Business Development Manager N Region)
Anne Worsoe

Service Sales Specialist - Denmark
David Carthy

Service Sales Specialist - Ireland
Marie Hallgren

Service Sales Specialist - Sweden, Norway, Finland

Nasir Khan

Service Sales Specialist - England North


Adam Gladwin

Regional Service Sales Manager

Matthew Harris

Service Sales Account Manager - England South



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Testimonial 15th July 2016 Fujifilm / Waters

Fujifilm and Waters have a good working relationship and it could be deemed a “strategic alliance”. Fujifilm want a good price and low downtime which is a given with Waters. Our main concerns are quality of information and robustness of the equipment and service. Waters provide an excellent service, the hardware is accurate and can cope with our high user capacity which is a necessity when used in the manufacture of API. The data has to stand to extreme scrutiny from all governing bodies.

The price is fair for the market and the service is excellent. Fujifilm do not encounter down time for Waters equipment. We have a Waters Engineer almost permanently on site and possibly we have grown accustomed to a fault free environment. Fujifilm replace and service in line with Waters recommendations and this ensures an error free strategic alliance where both companies enjoys a very good working relationship.

The main contacts on site are:

Fujifilm Procurement: Robert Fenny
AD: Grant Grieve
QC: Michael Coulson

Waters Site Representation: Nasir Khan
Equipment: Diane Garvey

Fujifilm work with Waters as a partnership, Waters provide an acceptable cost and an exceptional service. Fujifilm provide full access and full cooperation for service interaction and can fit their replenishment criterion to Waters sales targets. This is a win/win environment.