Waters Customer Success Team - Northern Europe

Our goal is to make you successful!

How can we help you?

  • Define Solutions - We will work together with you to find the best system solution for your application needs
  • Training - We can design focused training plans for you and your staff
  • Continuous Support - We will act as a supporting partner, helping you achieve results that the system was intended for, maximizing your return on investment
  • Innovative Solutions - With our experienced support we can help you create innovative solutions that drives your business forward, while reducing your implementation and deployment risks and total cost of ownership

Waters seeks to build long-term, collaborative relationships with our customers to better understand your needs and develop innovative comprehensive solutions that help you fulfil your goals.

To strengthen this innovative strategy we have established a Customer Success Team in Northern Europe.

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Giovanni Gallo

Customer Success Team Supervisor
Ingvar Betnér

Customer Success Team Manager Northern Europe
Caytlin Da Costa

Application Chemist
Lidia Jackson

Senior Application Chemist
David Tudge

Application Chemist
Mats Johansson

Customer Success Team Educational Specialist
Victoria Van Kuijk

ACQUITY Support Specialist
Rune Fredriksen

Customer Education Manager Nordics


Kurt Benkestock

Senior Application Chemist
Christopher Rogers

Application Chemist
Amy Bartlett

Demo Lab Manager
Wilmslow Northern Europe
Sigurd Hermansson

Senior Application Chemist
Clinical and Forensic

Simon Barnes

Senior Application and
Education Specialist

Peter Christensen

Application Chemist
Nisar Ahmed

Educational Services Manager
Daniel Lindroos

Application Chemist

Emma Mitchell

Senior Field Application Specialist



Northern Europe Application Specialists  
Joanne Connolly

Business Development
Application Specialist

Victoria Starkie

Business Development
Application Specialist


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