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Even brilliant scientists benefit from a course of post-graduate work.

No doubt there are many great minds at the top pharmaceutical companies. Minds that could in the future develop cures for our most terrible diseases. But there are also great minds who make the work of those great minds possible. They belong to the professors and graduate students at major research universities, like the University of California at Davis, where the great minds of academia are supported by the great equipment of Waters.

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For example, diseases like asthma or cancer start with an inflammation. The team of biochemists at the university is working to identify which carbohydrates and proteins partner with one another to start the inflammation process. To identify the binding elements requires instrumentation with superior detection power. The team at UC-Davis relies on the SYNAPT HDMS System from Waters. Once they have the data, the university will hand off the information (confident in its accuracy) to a pharmaceutical company who will work on formulating compounds to inhibit the creation of those bindings that start the inflammation process.

So while the university team won’t be the ones developing the cure for cancer, they will be providing valuable findings to those who hopefully will.

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