So different, yet so much alike.

Scimcon is a niche consultancy in Cambridge, England.

Waters is a leading scientific corporation with offices around the world.

Scimcon is also a Waters Corporation partner.

Despite their difference in size, they share many things in common.

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Scimcon provides management services to a variety of science-based companies such as pharmaceutical, biotech and environmental testing. Waters produces the high caliber instrumentation many of those leading scientific organizations depend on.

Like Waters, Scimcon believes in success beyond the project, sustainable, long term success. For instance, Waters customers often work in regulated environments. Scimcon helps those clients navigate mazes of regulations. In keeping with the goal of creating sustainable success, Scimcon knows that it’s not just gaining accreditation that’s important, but maintaining it.

Thoroughly versed on Waters systems and packages, Scimcon is available to provide strategic input, address quality assurance issues, and ensure customers get the right benefits from the system they purchased.

Together, Scimcon and Waters are ready to do all they can to support their customers and the modern laboratory.

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