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UK laboratory staff works on Christmas Day yet remains merry.

The samples arrived on Christmas Eve at Icon Development Solutions in the UK. They were from a San Francisco biotech company conducting Phase 1 clinical trials in Eastern Europe. Icon had to perform bioanalytical tests the very next day, Christmas.

The laboratory staff often worked late hours and weekends. A committed group, they liked the feeling of giving back to the world of pharmaceutical research. In return, they asked only one thing: the instrumentation not let them down.

So not only was the staff under a lot of pressure, so was the equipment.

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Coincidently, Icon had just made the momentous decision to rely on a single vendor for all their analytical instrumentation--Waters. They invested in several ACQUITY UPLC Systems coupled to Waters high performance mass spectrometers.

So when the staff came in on Christmas Day, they had the very highest quality bio-analytical test results all ready to go to their client. The Waters equipment had performed beautifully, proving to be exactly the high sensitivity yet robust instrumentation Icon needed.

Making it a merry Christmas for all and for all a good night.

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