Durham University

University scientists survive avalanche of compounds. And come back for more.

You can’t keep good scientists down, especially when they’re running a Waters mass spectrometry system.

Every day a mountain of samples comes cascading through the doors of the mass spectrometry facility at Durham University (UK).

Every day their scientists analyze an impressive range of samples for students, local and regional businesses as well as companies in the pharmaceutical industry. But with the proliferation of new and novel compounds, the scientists occasionally need help.

They contact Waters.

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A willing partner in all client endeavors, Waters is pleased to make its development team available. The Waters team either knows the answers or knows who does and quickly gets them involved.

With the scientific and technical information quickly in hand, the Durham scientists can hot-foot it back to their lab and put the information into practice.

By assisting its clients whenever it can, Waters helps them understand how to optimize the performance of their Waters equipment as well as introduce them to new Waters technologies.

New compounds. New technologies. Same great Waters support.

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