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Sometimes you need answers before you can ask the right questions.

Thanks to the outstanding work of their Waters equipment, the researchers from the Institute of Genome Science and Policy at Duke University are filled with a lot of challenging questions.

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You see, asking the right questions depend on getting the right data first. And that’s where Waters liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry are second to none. By providing data that is reproducible and quantifiable, it allows the scientists to ask more meaningful questions about fundamental biology and proteins interaction.

For instance, is there a way to examine a sample of human tissue and:

  • Determine whether a person is sick or not?
  • Predetermine how that person will respond to a certain drug?
  • Prevent an adverse drug reaction?

Any hope of answering these questions, and developing new ones, relies on data that is reproducible. Whether it’s from one subject to the next or comparing differences between one treatment group and another; data that is not reproducible means nothing. Data that is reproducible is from Waters.

The questions are daunting. But with the quality of the results produced by Waters instrumentation, they should only lead to more groundbreaking answers.

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