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Do happier scientists produce healthier bottom lines?

It’s an opinion shared by many, including the management of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories of India, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

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When this growing company considers new technology, management first asks, “Will this make the life of our scientists easier and more comfortable?”

When Dr. Reddy’s scientists conduct their evaluations, they also look beyond the specs and decide if the new technology will help them think better, interpret better, and develop better.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories bought one of the very first ACQUITY UPLC systems. It not only promised performance - pressure up to 15,000 psi, sub 2-micron resolution - it also passed all their comfort tests. Their scientists felt so at home using the ACQUITY UPLC system, they quickly achieved significant increases in sensitivity and significant reductions in run time. Waters renowned training capabilities added to their comfort levels, helping scientists make a major impact on all timelines at the company.

So impressive was the ACQUITY UPLC system performance, management later purchased 20 additional UPLCs, making the employees at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories some of the happiest scientists on earth.

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