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Waters has an integrated medical device portfolio, as well as, the first FDA-cleared LC-MS/MS assay for in vitro diagnostic use that includes separations science, mass spectrometry, consumables, data management software, services and support. Waters medical devices are designed to meet your laboratory’s needs and range from UPLC to LC-MS/MS to fully integrated LC-MS/MS analyzers with automated sample preparation. This versatile system portfolio provides options as you develop methods and implement LC-MS/MS for routine use in the clinical laboratory.



MassTrak Vitamin D Solution An LC-MS/MS-based clinical diagnostic solution for quantitative assessment of vitamin D deficiency. Measure 25(OH)D2 and 25(OH)D3 independently and accurately with this complete CE-marked assay for IVD use.
MassTrak Immunosuppressants Kit The MassTrak Immunosuppressants Kit is designed specifically for use with LC-MS/MS for the quantification of Tacrolimus in kidney and liver transplant patients whole blood samples as an aid in the management of Tacrolimus therapy.
MassTrak Immunosuppressants XE Kit The MassTrak™ Immunosuppressants XE Kit is designed specifically for use with LC/MS/MS for the quantification of Tacrolimus, in liver and kidney, and Everolimus, in adult kidney and cardiac, whole blood samples.

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