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Time waits for no man, woman, or pharmaceutical company.

In the pharma industry, time is super critical.

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Just ask the scientists at Aurobindo Pharma Limited, one of the top five India-based generic manufacturing companies. This growing company provides cost-effective generics to leading markets across the world.

One of the time-related challenges facing operations managers at Aurobindo is the speed at which meaningful, easy-to-understand information is received. In a paper-based environment, managing minute levels of data is an extremely time-consuming, labor intensive task.

But with the help of Waters, Aurobindo isn’t losing time anymore.

The company implemented the Waters NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), an automated electronic repository that stores and manages all types of scientific data to a centralized database, offering excellent integration with a multitude of research applications. SDMS plays an important role at Aurobindo by quickly providing analytical data for electronic submissions to regulatory agencies. This marks just the beginning of what many believe to be a transition to a digital pathway for the entire company.

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