First to market. The ultimate pain reliever for a generic pharmaceutical company.

In the world of generic pharmaceuticals, there’s a simple saying: He who reaches the market first gets the biggest return. Little wonder Apotex, a global leader in affordable healthcare solutions based in Canada, wanted to decrease their overall cycle time from development to commercialization. Naturally, they called Waters.

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First order of business was talk, not about solutions, but about Apotex. Waters goes beyond the norm in order to truly understand a client’s key issues. The meetings were frequent and in-depth.

Waters quickly realized their global capabilities would come into play. For example, both companies had major operations in the same city in India, making it easier to deploy Waters Informatics Solutions into the facility, while ensuring consistency and smooth integration. Efficiency improved. Deliverables increased.

And with its ACQUITY UPLC System, Waters also helped put Apotex on the fast track to success. The ACQUITY UPLC System does the work of about three traditional HPLC systems, and it helped Apotex conduct mandatory bioequivalent studies in less time. For yet another generic drug, Waters helped Apotex complete a critical U.S. FDA filing in a mere three months, reducing chemistry time from 88 to 30 days.

Because of Waters, Apotex today is better able to launch their generic drugs in the fast-paced way that leads to success. And because of Apotex’s generic medications, patients everywhere have the opportunity to be properly treated in an affordable manner.

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